In the different cultures of Kenya, food is a big thing that and transcends across different ethnic groups and forms major aspects of the culture. In the Kenyan coast, the people share a deep love for their culture, and that of course includes food! Food unites all, and what better than a heart-warming meal, followed by delicious sweet desert and a cool fresh drink? The list below contains a variety of food that one can find when touring along the Kenyan coast.


Pilau is a dish with rice flavored with spices and meat and stock is called Kenyan beef pilau. Chicken can also be used to make chicken pilau. A frequent and delicacy favorite meal in Kenya, pilau has deep cultural origins in the Swahili cultures. Although Pilau most likely began in ancient Persia, Kenyans and people who live in many other places, including India, Pakistan, and most of the Middle East, assert that Pilau originated with them. Among the spices used to make this dish are; garlic, fennel, black pepper, turmeric, bay leaf, onion, red bell pepper, cardamom, cassia, and cloves. The Aroma is: earthy, fragrant, sweet, and spicy.

Pilau is often accompanied by kachumbari, which is a type of salsa made with onion. Tomato, coriander, chilies, lemon juice/vinegar and salt.

This fragrant rice dish is frequently offered at events and gatherings.

Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani is a dish consisted of chicken marinated in spices and yoghurt. Indian Muslims are the source of the one-pot mixed rice dish known as “biriyani,” which contains seasoned chicken and/or vegetable (like potatoes) combined with a lot of seasoning. Its name means “fried before cooking” and is taken from the Persian word “Birian.” The food has a distinct flavor and is not only very flavorful but also spicy, fragrant, and aromatic. The perfect dish would have fluffy rice cooked in one pot with a hint of heat and chicken curry hidden beneath it.

The chicken can also be substituted with mutton or beef.


Made from unleavened wheat dough seasoned with salt, chapatti is a soft flatbread. The dough is split into small pieces and rolled, much like a pizza crust, into a circle that is approximately one inch thick. The dough can be lubricated and rolled once or multiple times during this process. On a flat pan, the raw chapattis are then shallow-fried. The ideal accompaniment for chapattis is deep-fried chicken and a meat stew (beef, goat, or chicken) or a cereal stew (lentils or green peas)

Mbaazi na nazi

Mbaazi za nazi (coconut milk pigeon peas) pigeon peas are cooked till thick in cream or coconut milk. Spices are also used alongside the coconut milk to enhance the flavor.


Bhajia is a fried food which is made by deep-frying potatoes which have been coated in a batter mix consisting of flour, spices and food colour. It is a great snack and can also be an appetizer. Coriander is used to garnish the potatoes or can be included in the batter for extra flavor.


Mshikaki is sometimes referred to as skewers, is a popular treat throughout East Africa. This meal is a popular street cuisine in Kenya, especially after sunset. In this case, the meat is marinated in a mixture of spices and herbs before grilling.Sometimes, the beef can be accompanied by vegetables, which are lined up on the skewer like bell peppers which enhances the flavor greatly.

Sweet treats


Mandazi is a delicious, light, and sweet regional bread that has gained popularity across the nation. No matter how big or tiny, every hotel in Kenya serves it. Another name for mandazi is the African doughnut. Powdered sugar can also be sprinkled on the mandazi for some extra sweetness. Mandazi is most commonly had with tea/coffee.

Biskuti ya nazi

This dessert in Kenya’s coastal regions is biskuti ya nazi. Mombasa’s Swahili population bakes coconut macaroons with ease. These are sugary biscuits that are eaten with chai for breakfast or as an after-meal snack.

Eggs, sugar, coconut, and macadamia or cashew nuts are used to make the treat. For the macaroons to turn out delicious and sweet, the cooking instructions must be meticulously followed.

Maziwa lala pudding

The fact that this dish is so simple to prepare at home is why it is named traditional yogurt. Cardamom, nutmeg, sugar, saffron, curd cheese, and thick, creamy yogurt are needed for this dish. After sifting the yogurt and curd cheese to achieve a fine mixture, thoroughly stir in the sugar, nutmeg, and saffron. Transfer the blend into a glass and garnish with your preferred garnish, such almonds. It is delicious and a great treat for all!



Madafu is available for purchase in practically all coastal communities. Madafu, sometimes referred to as coconut water, it is a sweet beverage.

Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is a drink made through the process of pressing the cane through iron rollers. It is both hydrating and nourishing. It’s high in vitamins and organic salts, with only 15% natural sugar. You can consume the juice or use it as a sweetener. It’s a refreshing drink on hot summer days, making it the best drink on the Kenyan coast.

Welcome to the rich cultural heritage of the Kenyan coast with delicious meals, sweet treats and delicious cooling beverages under the hot sun. Book your next package with us here at Saldoma Tours and Travel.

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