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Kereita Forest is at the southernmost tip of the Aberdares mountain range, the Kereita Forest beckons adventurers with its abundance of fascinating hiking paths and natural attractions.

Exploring Natural Wonders

Among the notable attractions is the Elephant Pool, a sizable natural body of water where elephants often frolic. It’s conveniently located near the Carbacid path. Additionally, visitors can marvel at the picturesque Kereita Waterfall on the Gatamaiyu River, and nearby, there’s a cave that harbors a little colony of bats.

Forest Adventure Activities

Ascending to the Forest Adventure location, visitors are met with a range of exhilarating activities. From ziplining on the longest zipline in East Africa to engaging in paintballing, archery, and nature walks along hiking trails, there’s no shortage of excitement.

Hiking Details

  • Location: Kereita Forest – Aberdares, Kenya.
  • Difficulty: Easy/Moderate.
  • Attraction: Kereita Cave and Thaba Waterfall.
  • Total Distance: 14.4 km.
  • Total Time: 3 hrs.
  • Min. Elevation: 2,359 m.
  • Max. Elevation: 2,660 m.

Diverse Activities to Enjoy

  • Longest Zipline in East Africa
  • Paintballing
  • Archery
  • Nature Walks/Hiking Trails
  • Cycling
  • Foot Golf
  • Horse Riding
  • Camping

Experience the Adventure with Saldoma Tours

With Saldoma Tours, you can immerse yourself in the thrilling activities and natural wonders of Kereita Forest. Whether ziplining through the lush canopy or exploring hidden caves, every moment promises excitement and adventure. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature’s playground.


kereita forest rates

Citizen  Resident  Non- resident
Adult  200  200  600
Child <13yrs  200  200  600

Activities rates 

Description  Add info  Cost 
adult  child
Zip lining  

(flying fox zip  tour)

750m/2lines/45min  2100  2100


1hour  1000  800
2hours  1200  1000
Paint balling  100balls  2100  1900
Archery  1hour  1450  1350
Foot golf  1hour  1000  800
Horse riding  30 minutes  2100  1500
1hour  2600  2000

Package costing 


Description  Cost  Total 
Transport  1000
Snacks  400
Entry fees  300
Mark up  300

Total package cost 

Adult 2000 

Till no 4164498 

Date 1st JUNE


Road trip from Nairobi to Kereita and back with great company
Stopover at the Rift Valley viewpoint for a photo session and panoramic views
Breakfast and snack stop at Kimende town (Optional and self-sponsored)
Ice-breakers and team building activities in the forest with professional facilitators
Exciting zip-lining experience above the lush forests or paintball
Nature walk inside the enchanting forest
Unlimited professional photography
Networking opportunities with a vibrant and friendly team

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From KSh2,000
/ Adult
From KSh200
/ Child
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