Giraffe Center

1 Day

Giraffe Center is situated in Langata, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Nairobi, Kenya’s center, lies the amazing Giraffe Centre. It was founded in order to safeguard the endangered Rothschild giraffe, which can only be found in East Africa’s grasslands.



The beautiful and majestic giraffes will be calling as soon as you enter the park. An Educator will hand you some food pellets. Made of corn, wheat, grass and molasses, they are what you will feed them as you get up close. To get even closer, go up to the Feeding Platform. Don’t leave without getting a kiss!


Attend a short lecture on the giraffe to learn how the endangered animal is being taken care of. Leave with a whole lot more about wildlife in Kenya.There is also an artwork for sale on display. Made by students, the proceeds go towards supporting Ecology Trips for the underprivileged.


Nature Trail is available to you at no extra cost.

Take a stroll, or hike if you’re up to it, in our serene 1.5-kilometre nature trail and see how many species of bird you can spot – the record in one stroll is 60! Watch out for smaller animals such as dikdik and squirrel.

The trail goes down to the snaking Gogo River. If you want to see its source, the Ngong Hills, go up to the View Point. The view is breathtaking.

An alternate route back to the center will pass you by the Warthog Den. Be careful that one doesn’t come springing after you from the deep black holes!

Here are the rates

  • Transport: 300 Ksh
  • Entry Fees:
    • Adult: 400 Ksh
    • Child: 200 Ksh
  • Lunch: 500 Ksh
  • Mark up: 300 Ksh

Total Cost:

  • For Adults: 1500 Ksh
  • For Children: 1000 Ksh

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Package Prices

Adults 1500

Child 1000

Till no:4164498


Feeding Area:

Feed giraffes with provided food pellets.
Visit the Feeding Platform for a closer encounter and a giraffe kiss.
Information Centre:

Attend a lecture on giraffes and wildlife conservation.
View and purchase student artwork supporting Ecology Trips.
Nature Sanctuary:

Stroll or hike the 1.5-kilometre Nature Trail.
Spot various bird species and smaller animals.
Visit the Gogo River and enjoy the View Point at Ngong Hills.
Pass by the Warthog Den on your way back.
Enjoy your day at the Giraffe Center!

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Giraffe Center
From KSh1,500
/ Adult
From KSh1,000
/ Child
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