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Saldoma Tours & Travel is a tours & travel company established in 2021.
The company specializes in creating distinctive inbound and outgoing tours and travel experiences for both businesses and people, both locally and globally.

We are quite proud of this growth, which was made possible by our highly driven staff members, deep understanding of the business, and years of hands-on experience.
We are aiming to quickly establish ourselves as a premier, reliable, and creative partner in Africa and beyond.
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Our motto demonstrates our enthusiasm for exploration as a tour company:Explore, Travel, Desire and Passion means giving everything we do our all with a positive attitude and dedication to the business and all of our partners.

Extra Ordinary Destinations

The world's wonders, stunning locations, and numerous other locations

Support Team

Engage with a support team that is always ready to help even surpass service level agreements.

Efficient Booking

Effective communication and the right contacts are required to efficiently and accurately manage your travel plans.

Value For Money

We offer tours at the most competitive prices, and our extensive selection of destinations will not disappoint even ardent tourists.

Numerous Locations

We operate in many countries in East Africa Countries, Middle East, Asia and Europe

100% Customizable

Describe your travel requirements.In order to make your trip one to remember, we will collaborate to tailor it to your specific needs.

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Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park, positioned over Mount Kilimambogo, presents visitors with awe-inspiring panoramic views of the sprawling plains below. The park hosts a diverse array of wildlife, boasting an impressive collection of 45 bird species, including the white-browed sparrow weaver, grey-headed sparrow weaver, African …

What You Need for a Beach Vacation

Are you planning a beach vacation soon? There’s nothing quite like catching some waves and enjoying beach activities to de-stress and unwind. To ensure you have a fantastic time, it’s essential to pack all the necessary supplies, from basic items to extras. This guide will …

Explore the Rich Heritage of Malindi

Discover Malindi Malindi, a coastal gem located 120 kilometers southeast of Mombasa, Kenya, is a captivating blend of rich history and stunning natural beauty. This coastal town has witnessed the convergence of ancient and contemporary cultures amidst a backdrop of pristine white sandy beaches, lush …

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